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Solaredge Solar Battery

SolarEdge offers one integrated solution that delivers a technology breakthrough in battery backup. With high overall system performance offering up to 94.5% round-trip efficiency and a comprehensive warranty, SolarEdge Home Battery is the smart choice for home backup. Together with one of our premium inverters and unique power optimisers, SolarEdge Home Battery forms a high-performance DC-coupled solar solution that’s designed to maximise your energy production and storage.

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SolarEdge Energy Bank

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  • Connects with up to three SolarEdge Home Batteries per inverter** for increased power, savings and independence
  • Compatible with our fast, Level 2 Smart EV Charger for driving on up to 100% sunshine (available Q3 2022)
  • Offers connection to a growing line of smart add-ons, such as smart hot water controllers and smart relays & switches
  • Built for indoor/outdoor installations with floor/wall mount options
  • Enables industry-leading overall PV + storage system performance with up to 94.5% round-trip efficiency
  • Maximises solar use year-round and during grid outages, with unique, DC-coupled technology – requiring only one power conversion, vs. three conversions with legacy AC-coupled technology
  • Accelerate the payback on your system with more panels than a typical string system. This allows homeowners to simultaneously charge the battery AND export energy to the grid, to offset the home’s energy usage or earn feed-in credits (where available)
  • Helps keep the home running in an outage on just one battery
  • Powers more large appliances, like air conditioning and washers & dryers, for longer periods of time during an outage

Your Home, Your Power

Electricity Bill Saving

  • Charge during off-peak times
  • Discharge during peak times.
  • Store solar energy generated from photovoltaic panels for the future use.
Emergency Power Back-up
  • Discharge during a black-out, functioning as back-up power.

Solaredge Solar Battery


How do I get solar subsidies ?
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There are 2 ways how you can claim grid connect solar subsidies. As a customer you can ask your solar company to claim the subsidies on your behalf by giving them authority in writing or STC’s can be alloacted to you as a customer and you can claim STC’s as well.

How do I know my return on Investment ?
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Your Return on Investment may vary due to your usage habits, Panel face orientation, location etc. It is best to call our one of the team member and they will set side by side with you and work on your return on investments for you to help making informed decision.

How do I know which product to choose ?
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We strongly recommend you that when you choosing a solar system you should consider more of the product rather than concentrating only on prices. Do you know all you solar panels must be registered with clean energy council, to check registration please visit http://www.cleanenergycouncil.org.au

What does workmanship warranty covers ?
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Hybrid Solar Solutions offers 10 years workmanship warranty to all our installations. Workmanship warranty mainly covers any faulty installations, roof leakages caused by solar install, any damage to the property during installation.

Why should I choose grid connect solar systems ?
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Due to increase in the electricity prices every year grid connect solar systems proves to be very fruitful in a long term. Solar systems can help you to eliminate the part of your bill by investing money once instead of paying bills lifetime. Research shows house valuation has gone up by $20.73 for every $1 decrease in energy bills. It is also way to help environment by producing renewable energy and reducing carbon foot prints. If you are thinking of investing in solar systems we will help you to make right decision.

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