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With Off Grid Solar, No More Black Outs

How Off Grid Solar Works?

Also known as stand-alone solar systems, off-grid solar systems provide grid-like electricity. They are installed where grid electricity is either unavailable or has unreliable grid power. Off-grid solar systems consist of roof or ground-mounted solar panels, a battery to store energy, an integrated backup diesel generator and an Inverter and Charger controllers to act as an interface between the different inputs.

Since off-grid solar systems are customizable based on the client demand, the size is variable and can be designed to run one appliance or an entire township. A back-up diesel generator is integrated with the off-grid solar system in case of bad weather or more demand in energy.

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Advantages of Off-Grid Solar System

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Off-grid systems are extremely hassle-free and easy to maintain, fully automated and can be monitored and controlled online.

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You will be part of a sustainable solution having a large supply of renewable energy and huge savings.

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Off-grid Solar systems produce good quality energy and you will less likely to face blackouts.

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This power quality is better than the average grid electricity and will extend the lifespan of your appliances and machinery.

Save by Switching to Solar

We’re helping residents all over Australia to make the switch to Solar power. Hybrid Solar Solutions Australia is on a mission to help Queensland & Victorian residents reduce energy costs and keep our planet green. Our team of qualified and experienced solar experts will work with you to find and install the right solar system for your home. We’ve helped countless residents empower their home with our smart, affordable, and solar products.


Solar Rebate

Federal & State Government has solar rebates available to reduce the upfront cost of your solar system, Rebates are based on the size of your system.


No Upfront Cost

Take control of your power bills with no upfront cost, Install solar now and pay later.
Our innovative solar program is designed to get you installed without taking any money out of your pocket.


Seamless energy

Start slashing your power bills-Keep the cash in your pocket - Get Solar!

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Best Quality Solar Panels installation in Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney

Where you can find us?

At Hybrid Solar Solutions Australia we are passionate about providing our regional solar customers in more remote areas with the same access to solar power as the rest of Australia. Anybody living in country Australia knows just how hot it can get, the sunshine makes Australia one of the best places in the world to invest in power for your homes and businesses.


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