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Commercial Solar

Smart Commercial solar.

Now, more than ever, is a better time to go solar. Energy bills are the highest they have ever been in Queensland and are directly increasing your business’s running costs. While energy bills are spiking, solar prices are falling, and the Government is continuing to provide incentives and rebates. Now’s the time to get a solar system for your business.

Hybrid Solar Solutions is committed to providing Brisbane businesses and the surrounding suburbs with the highest quality solar system products at the most competitive rates. Our experts have immense and wide-ranging experience and will go the extra mile to service our clients with the most innovative and affordable commercial solar systems in the market.

Commercial Fittings

What are the Financial Incentives for Installing Solar?

We’re helping residents all over Brisbane, Melbourne, and the surrounding suburbs make the switch to Solar power. Hybrid Solar Solutions Australia is on a mission to help Queensland & Victorian residents reduce energy costs and keep our planet green. Our team of qualified and experienced solar experts will work with you to find and install the right solar system for your home. We’ve helped countless residents empower their home with our smart, affordable, and solar products.


Government Subsidy

The Renewable energy target scheme can cover up to 50% of the system purchase cost depending on location and system size


Government Grants

Eligible organizations can obtain a grant to cover the full cost of installing a commercial solar power system


Company Tax Benefits

Organizations eligible for depreciation have a 20 year tax benefit installing solar. Accelerated depreciation programs may also apply

Solar Energy's Significant Aspect of Business Sustainability Programs

Our Approach Tailored to Your Business

To guide you along this process, our team at Hybrid Solar Solutions will provide a free assessment of your property. We’ll analyse your orientation and interval data, your business’s energy consumption, and roof space. We’ll review this data carefully to provide the best commercial solar system solution that meets your needs. At Hybrid Solar Solutions, we’ll work with you to develop a finance plan that works for you.

If You don't Measure You won't be Able to Manage

We will need full access to your energy usage data and do full analysis

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Access Energy Bill
$5k - $7k

We do through analysis and Establish the power consumption profile of your business

Consultation with Suntek Energy’s Energy Expert

We will provide you a full solution of how and what is achievable for your business.

Computer icon
Feasibility Analysis
$5k - $7k

After going through your consumption pattern we provide an effective solution.

Connection Offer

It is a requirement of the national electricity rules that enegey and applicants enter into connection of your solar power station to the network.

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Grid Connect Application
$5k - $7k

We will lodge a project assessment report enquiry to energey.

Building Your Solar System

The racking to mount the panels, wiring, electricals and inverter together builds your solar power station.

Install image
Install Process
$5k - $7k

We will build your power station on your roof space.

Commissioning and Connection

Commissioning of the system is done and ready for the grid connection for your retailer.

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$5k - $7k

We do through analysis and Establish the power consumption profile of your business

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Solar Panels Used


Team Australia wide


Best Quality for Solar Panels in Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney

Where you can find us?

At Hybrid Solar Solutions Australia we are passionate about providing our regional solar customers in more remote areas with the same access to solar power as the rest of Australia. Anybody living in country Australia knows just how hot it can get, the sunshine makes Australia one of the best places in the world to invest in power for your homes and businesses.

Hybrid Solar Solutions Company Locations - Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne

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