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Hybrid Solar Solutions Expanding to Melbourne

Melbourne, Victoria, 01 March 2016.

QLD based Solar Panel Installation company Hybrid Solar Solutions Australia is delighted to announce by taking a step to expand its reach to Victorian solar market through local representative Mr. Gagan Bhatti and advisor Mr. Brijesh Purohit. With an extensive experience into Residential and Commercial Solar Industry, Mr. Hardik Vora, managing director and founder has decided to extend its network in all across Australia through local partners.

Lead by Hardik Vora and his team for  many years, Hybrid Solar Solutions Australia has been grown multi-fold. “Hybrid Solar Solutions Australia has a reputation of quality solar installation company and we wish to maintain that reputation in the industry. Hence, we were very careful in growth stages and took slower approach to expansion so that we can have sustainable growth. Gagan is an outstanding human being signing with us for Melbourne expansion, He brings sound customer service experience and passion for doing something for the nature. Brijesh has a trek record of successful businesses. After few discussions with Brijesh, he confirmed that he will be joining  Hybrid Solar Solutions Australia as an advisor. His unmatched business knowledge and franchise start up experience will definitely benefit extending arms of Hybrid Solar Solutions Australia” said Managing Director Mr. Hardik Vora

“I chose to be a part of Hybrid Solar Solutions Australia due to their reputation in industry and my desire to help nature by way of educating people about renewable energy and helping them sourcing it best possible way. Mr Hardik Vora has immense knowledge about solar which is unparalleled. They have a system where even if you aren’t from the industry, you will become pro within few weeks.” said Mr. Gagan Bhatti (picture below).

“The Hybrid Solar Solutions Australia is a unique system within solar industry. It has been in business for long enough, is highly regarded within the industry and generates a great deal of repeat business. When I had few meetings with Hardik about expansion, I was impressed with the way he has been running business. He has the business ethics and care for the customers which is matching the way I have been running business, so we decided to work together.” said Mr Brijesh Purohit

Hardik Vora, the managing director spearheading the company, was excited to be expanding interstate but very much intent on staying true to his business ethics. “I see this as an opportunity to break into a market that is very disorganised and help sort things out. QLD is my home and success there is very important, but with the support of the whole Hybrid Solar Solutions Australia team, Mr Gagan Bhatti and Mr Brijesh Purohit; I can now expand in new ways.”

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